How to Apply for Scholarships Through ECUAWard

Logging in to ECUAWard

  • Go to ECUAWard and select “Sign In”
  • Read the information provided on the screen and then click “Sign In With Your Institution.”
  • Sign in using your Pirate ID (first part of your email) and password (passphrase) that you created when establishing your student email account.

ECUAWard Application Directions (PDF)

Applying for Scholarships at ECU

The General Scholarship Application

  • After signing in, you will be prompted to fill out the General Scholarship Application.
  • This should take 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • You must provide answers to all questions with a yellow asterisk (*). If a question is not applicable, answer “N/A”
  • Make sure to add an electronic signature and date.
  • Click finish and submit. Once submission has occurred, the portal may present some additional supplemental applications to you (i.e.: the College of Business supplemental application, the College of Nursing admissions application, or the Honors College supplemental application for incoming freshmen or transfers).
  • Be sure to read all information and prompts within the ECUAWard portal.

Auto-Match vs. Apply-To Opportunities

  • Auto-Match:
    • With auto-match opportunities, the system reads the information you provide in the General Application and your Banner data is also input into the system (GPA, test scores, transcripts, etc.).
    • Based off this information, the system matches students to opportunities where they meet all of the preset qualifications.
    • This happens behind the scenes; students do not see scholarship opportunities that they have been auto-matched into.
  • Apply-To:
    • These are opportunities that require more information than what is provided in the General Application and in Banner.
    • Students may have to answer supplemental questions to apply for these scholarships.
    • Letters of recommendation may also be required.
    • Once you have completed the General Application, take a minute to look at the “Recommended” opportunities. These are “Apply-To” opportunities that you should review to see if you meet the qualifications. These opportunities are not recommended specifically to an applicant, but are recommended for further review, as the system cannot tell if you meet the requirements.

Scholarship Application Tips

Read Carefully! Make sure you understand what each section of the application is asking and answer each of the required sections.

Convey Your Passion and Contributions

  • When asked about your commitment to your major, share specific details about events or relationships that drew you to the field or motivate you to succeed in the future.
  • Show the reviewer why you are passionate about your profession instead of just telling them you love your field.
  • When listing service and honors information, be sure to explain how your time and talents contribute to the organization – in addition to the offices held or hours served, what have you contributed?

Toot Your Own Horn!

  • Don’t be afraid to showcase your achievements. It is important that reviewers know the extent of your accomplishments, so make sure you share these with them!

Revise, Rewrite, Revisit

  • Have someone else look over your work and provide feedback about your writing. Revise and rewrite as needed.

Save your work often!

  • The ECUAWard portal automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of inactivity. When this happens, all unsaved changes are lost. Make sure to save your work so that you do not lose your work!

How to Accept an Award in ECUAWard (PDF)